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Wedding poems

For all things Wedding! Can't find the words to propose, or stressing about your Father of the Bride speech- don't worry! Fed Up With Flowers can do it for you. Don't forget- If you can think of it, we can write it.  

Bride & Groom wedding example- July 2021

There are 2 stories here that today we want to share

About a long standing friendship and a newer ‘wedding pair’

The first one started in  Loch Lomond -early 80’s time,

Friend A and B – lifetime partners in crime,


Sharing teenage traumas, dramas and joys,

Smeeshing out Issy’s window and winding up boys

From ponies and horses and their own little bubble,

Whenever it was both of them you knew that it was TROUBLE!


In each other’s company, hard not to lose the head,

From wild music festivals to drinking in the shed

‘Friend A’ loving all things luxury, the hostel days are done

And now finances allow a more refined kind of fun


So no more ‘Friend A and B’ sharing a single bed,

Now it’s LP, salmon blinis & exotic climes instead!

Friend A has chased her dreams with sheer determination,

And nearly achieved the one of World domination!


The world was set to change on the beach in Biarritz France

While sunbathing and surfing, a mutual friend met by chance,

So whilst encouraging and chasing Friend A for a date

Something intervened- that something was called fate!


Both invited to a session where ‘Friend A’ learned to box

‘Groom’ just sat and watched- what a sly old fox!

Thankfully for us that impression didn’t last

His charm and even crutches- the future it was cast


We knew that it was serious when- hard to believe

A trip to Tenerife ‘Groom’ planned for New Years Eve

If it’s not Costa Rica- then the answer’s ‘no’ we guess

But a mighty shock in store- When ‘Friend A’ she said yes!!!


Now fun and parties and BBQ’s a-plenty

‘Groom’ proposed to ‘Friend A’ in Florence 2020

It seems that ‘Friend A’ has met her perfect match

And I have to say in truth- that ‘Groom’ is quite a catch!


So it’s time to hear about how love began to bloom,

And a bit about our ‘Groom’- our wonderful Groom

‘Groom’ is ex- military but still a real- life action man,

But loves to sit by the pool, relax and work that tan!


‘Friend A’ and ‘Groom’ you were meant to be (quite clearly)

And so from all of us – we love you both dearly

To ‘Mr and Mrs Newlywed’-let’s raise a glass - cheers

And wish you loads of happiness for very many years


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