Thanks for submitting!

1. It's nice and simple! Complete the above contact template.

2. FUWF will ask you for details that you would like to be included in your poem. Remember, the more information you provide the better your poem will be! (By email  or phone call).

3. FUWF will confirm that we can accommodate your date requirement, and confirm the length (and therefore price) of the poem. We will also share a sneaky peek of your verses before you pay 

4. If you confirm your quotation details, we will then ask for payment in full. 


5. Kerry will  read out your finished poem to you, and email it for you to review the content and ensure you are completely happy!  *Please note your printed version will only be sent once the content is to your satisfaction.

We ask that you allow 10 working days for both classic and digital packages.  Please also let us know if you need something quicker- we will try to help if we can!