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How To Order

  1. Complete an initial enquiry form clearly stating the date that you need your poem. 

  2. Fed Up With Flowers will respond within 24 hours to confirm that your poem date can be accommodated.

  3. Fed Up With Flowers will send you a simple template to complete about the content of your poem.  (Remember, the more information you provide - the better it will be!) Please let me know if you would prefer to do this by phone. 

  4. Fed Up With Flowers will let you know the length (and therefore the cost) of your completed poem. We will also provide a sneaky peak of some of your verses before you pay.

  5. If you are happy to proceed we will then ask for payment in full.

  6. Your first ‘sight’ of your completed poem will be read out to you at a time suitable to you. It will then be emailed to you to review to ensure that you are completely happy with the content. 

  7. Once you confirm that you are 100% satisfied, any printed versions/video versions will be produced at this stage. 

Please Note

We ask that you allow a minimum of 10 working days from providing the poem content for both classic and video package options.


Poem photobooks require a minimum of 4 weeks.


Please however do let us know if you need something quicker, and we will try to help if we can!

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