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I'm Kerry and I'm the proud owner of Fed Up With Flowers.

I just LOVE what I do and consider myself extremely lucky to have a business loved by both me and my customers!

Helping others to express their thoughts, feelings and love is a wonderful job to have, and trading in smiles, tears and laughter  is the most amazing currency!

Roll on more poems and expressions of love in 2022 x

My Story

Fed Up With Flowers started in 2021 but my poem writing started way earlier!

Having recently found examples of poems I wrote as a seemingly troubled teenager- poem writing has been a thing for a lot longer than I ever realised. 

My Mum has also played a big part in my love of writing poems, and Mum frequently wrote poems in people's birthday cards and Christmas cards as a way to show how much she cared.

There was no better way to honour my Mum than to write a poem about her to be read at her funeral, finally making me understand what a truly wonderful gift she has passed on.

Now having written over a hundred poems on anything from wedding messages to divorce poems, corporate events and Christmas cards- even National Talk Like A Pirate Day , I realise I really can write about ANYTHING!

So what started out as as an enjoyable hobby, has now turned into a wonderful and unique small business giving pleasure to all sorts of people in all sorts of circumstances.

Hearing from customers that the recipient has shed a tear is both surprising and wonderful - whoever thought that making people cry would be what makes me happy!

Loving my customer responses- I really do hope that Fed Up With Flowers keeps growing forever, and in the process- lets numerous people show their love, their feelings and make someone else feel incredibly special. 

Love Kerry  x




I'm always looking for new and exciting business opportunities. Happy to connect with other businesses who would like to offer their own customer's this unique and truly personal service- Let's connect.