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Video Package

The perfect option for those who like their tech! A video version of your poem accessible on mobiles/tablets/laptops. The words of your poem against a beautiful background image of your choice*, watch the words of your poem and listen to the  accompanying soft background music. A soft celebration background  enhances the experience.

Choose from glitter, hearts, forest leaves or flowers as your celebration background. Easy sharing with family and friends- a great planet friendly option too!

flowers video.webp

Be read your poem aloud to capture the true intended nature of the rhythm and pace of your words. Kerry will read your poem aloud as the poem words appear on your screen. All set to a background of your choosing (from the four specially selected options) to perfectly capture your intended mood.


Choose from one of four backgrounds:

  • Glitter

  • Balloons

  • Woodland

  • Stars


A beautiful gentle music will play softly in the background- a truly goose bump inducing option!

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