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Special Personal Dates

Celebrate those personal events in style with a poem. Thoughtful, unique and a wonderful way to celebrate your 'whatever!' 

Birthday poem example

So a birthday poem about my amazing friend Lynn
She’s 60 - so where on earth to begin!
I think you’ll like it- (at least we hope that’s the case!)
If not it will be written all over your face!!

Having met Lynn whilst she was doing mums hair
Friends for years- we make a good pair
Gail was a young single mum when we met
Lynn’s help and support she’ll never forget

Lynn is always caring, so generous and kind
The most amazing friend- one that’s hard to find
With a wicked sense of humour, she’s smart, and loads of fun
She’s busy and successful but also there for everyone

So Gail and Lynn love a Saturday in town
An afternoon tea with gin to wash it down!
With laughter, prosecco and numerous cocktails
The laughter and friendship and messiness never fails!

We start off like Charlotte from Sex In The City
By the time we come- More like River City!
Lynn is loving, she’s caring and exceptionally kind
As a best friend and Mum-  she's the best that one can find

Lynn’s pretty good at hoarding- I’ll tell you what that means
Her MASSIVE collection of Vogue magazines!!
Add her QVC obsession, her handbags, shoes and stuff
My God all those bargains made the house move pretty tough!

So to end, Lynn’s favourite song, is ‘Happy’ by Pharell
It’s a brilliant song- that sums her up so well
So Lynn it’s time to celebrate each of your 60 years
And all raise a glass- to us/to Lynn- cheers!

With love  xxx

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