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What does it cost?

Every poem will be individually priced depending on how much information you provide and how long the finished poem is. I always give you a full quote (along with a little taster of the final poem) before you need to confirm if you would like to proceed, so no need to decide if you would like to go ahead at this stage! Starting price is £48

What if I'm not comfortable emailing details of the poem content? 

No problem at all! I'm happy to speak with you over the phone if you prefer- just let me know

How long should a wedding poem be?

This is entirely up to you but most wedding speeches I've written tend to be somewhere between 10-20 verses (3-6 minutes to say out loud)

What if I don't like the finished poem?

Firstly, you get a taster before you pay so you can see the style and a sample content- before you pay! Once you get the finished version I then offer you the chance to make any changes you may wish (or additions if you think of something extra!), until you are completely happy with your bespoke poem


How long do I need to allow?  

I normally request 2-3 weeks but if you need something quicker then please let me know- I will help if I possibly can!

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