Searching for personal gifts for hours?

Just send them a poem by FED UP WITH FLOWERS?!

A wedding/ a birthday or something unique

I'll write you a poem whatever you seek

Whatever you're trying to celebrate

You send me your thoughts - I'll do the 'create!'

Your very own poem to elicit a smile

Written with love, with flair and with style 


Ever bought flowers that no matter how beautiful, haven't quite given that personal touch you were after, or lasted as long as you hoped? FED UP WITH FLOWERS hand crafted  poems are 100% guaranteed unique, and can be cherished forever


thoughtful- personal- unique

FED UP WITH FLOWERS have created rhymes for a whole raft of reasons. Whether celebrating a special occasion, a special person, a thank you, or 'just because' - I love taking your thoughts and words and turning them into something truly amazing, and my wonderful customer responses make me want to write about EVERYTHING!  Emotions, thoughts and feelings all captured in the most unique and unforgettable way.  If you can tell us about it- FUWF can write it, and your poem is only complete when you are 100%  satisfied.   




Every FUWF poem is a true one-off- just like the recipient and the occasion!

Classic package


Digital package